ONSTREAM Engineering Ltd






Recent and ongoing projects include small to mid sized compression and pipeline projects, and numerous single well tie-ins.  Facility projects include oil treatment, amine treatment, dehydration, refrigeration, and water disposal. We have experience working with pressures of 6000 psi and hydrogen sulphide contents up to 35 percent.  The following project descriptions provide a sample of work that ONSTREAM is currently managing.






Project Location: Central Alberta


Project Cost:      $11,000,000.00


Project Scope:     Installation of a NGL pipelines, storage facilities and multistage pumping systems to transfer product to market.



Project Location: West Central Alberta


Project Cost:      $2,500,000.00


Project Scope:    Installation of a sour line heater and a separator.  Addition of a hot diesel down hole circulation pump and a sour gas flare system.  Design and project management of the insulated sour gas gathering system connecting the facilities together.




Project Location: Northern Alberta


Project Cost:      $900,000.00


Project Scope:    Facilities include a free water knockout (Skud) separator. A water disposal pump and upgrading the control system.




Project Location: Pipelines –British Columbia, Alberta, and Sasketchewan


Project Cost:      $24,000,000.00


Project Scope:    Design and Project Management of numerous well tie-ins from 500 meters in length to 50 km.  Responsible for all regulatory permits, pipe supply, pipeline contractors, directional drilling, land owners’ conditions and environmental clean up.